Insertion of glucose continuous recording sensor


Insertion of glucose continuous recording sensor

Our history with the placement of the continuous glucose recording system has begun for about two years.

An it seems that this “relationship” will last long enough.

Continuous blood glucose recording is a breakthrough innovation and methodology that is definitely a major watershed and “weapon” to diabetes’ management and especially type 1.

It is not a panacea, but it is a powerful technological tool that now offers many possibilities for more accurate and precise blood sugar regulation.

I, as a mother, personally believe that it is a lifesaving method for the parents as they can have even greater control and clearer picture of their child’s blood sugar any time!

Particularly if the continuous recording system can be connected with the pump so to give more possibilities, then we are talking about a tool that can even save patient’s life.

I am referring to the closed insulin pump circuit connected to the continuous glucose recorder and after a check stops the pump’s insulin dosage, as soon as it notices that blood sugar levels have a downtrend – they tend to hypoglycemia.

Actually they do not stop there. Further check to blood sugar levels allows the pump to begin by itself dispensing the basic rate, only when it finds out that sugar levels have reached normal levels and have stabilized.

A technological innovation that may sounds “small” or deficient – in the overall size of Diabetes terms – but in a diabetic’s daily life (type 1) is the one that gives freedom, safety – especially during sleep, when he can not have a continuous image or control of blood sugar – and as a whole leads to a better quality of life.

Surely, insulin pump and continuous glucose recording sensor placement are not capable by themselves to replace the patient himself and the control he will have on diabetes. We are talking about machines that help (after proper and rigorous use), but are not the solution to the issue of proper glucose regulation.

And certainly is not preferable by everyone. It is purely a personal choice.

In my personal opinion and experience until today, insulin pump and continuous glucose recording systems are necessary tools in the daily struggle for the proper and effective blood glucose levels regulation, especially in young children where parents/guardians have to undertake the heavy burden of disease’s management. Continuous education, patience and persistence are needed of course. As with most
issues in our lives!

I wish the video I created to help towards the right direction of disease management.

Good strength to all of us!

I remind you that I have nothing to do with nursing or medical practicing, so if any mistake is found you can report it in order to be corrected. I also do not replace or substitute any type of training in diabetes mellitus type 1 management. I am in no way accredited for this.


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