Friday, October 22, 2021

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Life needs craziness and real people..This is who we are !


Tsiakalou Sophia

Working mother, Blogger

The soul of, full of energy and curiosity. Life purpose.. happiness !  


Andriotis Spyros

CEO / DPO Onesmart Promotion

The person in charge of the result you see.. Chairman and CEO of Onesmart Promotion.


Cheiraki Vaso

Blogger, Social Manager

The A and Z of our social networks. Communication is part of her life. Member and responsible for Onesmart Promotion’s digital marketing.


Tina Vlachou

Dietician, nutritionist

The joy of creation and the energy are the ingredients of success. Our mamameli’s dietician, nutritionist.


Kitsos Vangelis

Dietician, nutritionist

Nutrition’s experience lies in the will and goal. Our mamameli’s dietician, nutritionist.

Some words

Tsiakalou Sophia

Let me introduce myself … I am Sophia. I am a mom of a large family, worker, wife, daughter and sister. I cook since I remember myself. Every day is unique and different, so I want a new recipe every single day.

In 2013 my little daughter was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. In 2014 my twin boys (monozygotic) were diagnosed with celiac disease. In 2018, one of my children (one of the twin boys) was also diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

The inversions in my family life over the last few years have been unpredictable, shockingly difficult but at the same time incredibly instructive, promising and perhaps innovative.
We have been led, as a family, in new ways, practices and methods throughout everyday life.

I ‘ve learned and taught many as a human and as a mother. My everyday life is no longer the same. This new everyday life I want to share with you. I cook exclusively gluten-free, trying to maintain the balance of carbohydrates and nutrients, which are so essential to us all.

I try to accomplish what I and my children want, but also what our imagination submits us.
As shocking or even difficult as this procedure is, I inform you that it is perfectly feasible.

We all can do everything. We can cook everything.We can enjoy everything.
So, welcome and may we have a nice walk on a new culinary journey.

Λίγα λόγια

Tina Vlachou

I am Tina Vlachou,  born and raised in Corfu where I returned permanently after my studies.

I am a dietician-nutritionist, a wife and a mother of a boy.

Since high school I already was troubled by the anguish of many people, especially women, to acquire the “ideal body” and their intention to try everything to achieve it.

Talking with women living permanently in a vicious circle of deprivation and overeating but also with my classmates that ached at the edges of eating disorders.

So in 2003 I started studying in the department of Dietetics and Nutrition Science of the Harokopio University, which I had declared as the first choice in my computerized document.

There I discovered that “diet” means much more than “slimming” and I found myself in the face of a continuous interaction of food, health, emotions, environment, genes and many other concepts that determine our eating habits.

When I visited patients in the Red Cross, Sismanoglio and Gennimatas hospitals during my practice, I realized that diet is hidden behind any illness and can contribute both to their prevention and treatment.

After my graduation from Harokopio University in 2007, my need to further study the correlation of nutritional choices with human psychology led me to Northumbria University of Great Britain, where I obtained a Master Degree in Psychology, titled “Master of
Sciences in Nutrition”, in 2008 and I was awarded for the best postgraduate dissertation of the psychology department for that year with a research topic on dietary behavior under stress conditions.

Since 2008, I have a dietary office in Corfu downtown and I am working on creating personalized diets for both healthy people and patients in order to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle eating habits.

At the same time, I monitor science developments of Nutrition by attending relevant conferences.

I am conducting and presenting the weekly radio show “Nutritional Intervention” at the local radio station Agios Spyridon and I often participate in local TV shows.

When I became a mother in 2013, I have faced with the “child nutrition” part and what it contains.

From the very first day of my son’s birth, I was amazed by a series of wrong tips that everyone, expert-or not, “specially” gave to breastfeeding mother for her diet, food exclusion counseling with the only result of new mother’s exhaustion in a particular demanding period of her life, and eventually the breastfeeding termination.

Since then, I have been discoursing to the Breastfeeding and Maternity Support Center that is being organized at the Corfu Clinic and through my field I am trying to help new mothers who want to breastfeed.

And after breastfeeding, it comes child’s first meeting with the food industry!

Sadly, studies show that something is wrong in Greece as we are first on the lists of childhood obesity.

Unfortunately, a simple diet in the obese child can not be a solution because the problem is multi-factorial.

Aiming at informing parents, I participate each year with speeches at the parents’ school of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu, while I make informative visits to schools in Corfu.

In co-operation with an educator, we organized a training program entitled “Nutrition Workshop” for children in primary schools in Corfu, in 2015 and 2016, where children had the opportunity to learn the basics of healthy eating through activities and games.

Dietetics field is inexhaustible, since food is in our everyday life not only as a biological necessity but as an element of personal, social and cultural identity.

Every new diet, every new “incident” gives the dietician the opportunity to come closer to his science and open new research paths.

A new one opened for me when I met Sophia and accepted to play my part in her admirable fight against celiac disease and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

May we have a good journey!

Λίγα λόγια

Kitsos Vangelis

Evangelos Kitsos studied at Nutrition & Dietetics Department, of Health and Welfare Professions school, of the Higher Technological Educational Institution of Crete, where he graduated in 2006 with a 8.40 degree.

During the period 2005-2006 he carried out his practical training at the Dietetics Department of Arta General Hospital. Since 2008 he has been practicing the profession of Nutritionist and Dietician, maintaining his own Dietetics Office in the city of Preveza.

He has participated in several conferences and workshops including the 16th Pancreatian Pediatric Congress, all Panhellenic Nutrition & Dietetics Conferences from 2003 until today, as well as most conferences of the Greek Medical Society of Obesity.

He is a scientific collaborator on nutrition issues in the local newspaper “Vima of Preveza”, where he writes. Ηe also contributes in the monthly publication of creativity expression “Preveza Garden”, which is issued free of charge. He is also a scientific collaborator on
nutrition issues at prisma 91.6 radio stations, where he presents the nutrition issues broadcast “Nutrition with…a mind” and radio deejay 93.4 of northwest Greece. He writes on prevezabest blog. He has also been a scientific collaborator on nutrition issues on and websites.

He has made speeches at school units of Regional Preveza Unity (4th Primary School of Preveza, Mytikas Primary School, Kanallaki High School, 1st Primary School of Kanallaki) and Regional Aitoloakarnania Unity (Palairos Primary School), with the aim of promoting adoption
by parents and children of a healthy diet, based on the Mediterranean Nutrition model. He was the main speaker at the PAS Preveza football academy on World Children’s Day on 11/12/2010, on Children’s Nutrition and Sport issues. He was a speaker at the conference
organized by Hellenic Cancer Society of Preveza on 03/03/12, on “Gastrointestinal malignancies” on the relationship between nutrition and their appearance. He was also a speaker at the event of the municipality of Preveza in the summer of 2013, in cooperation with the S.Niarchos Foundation, “Mimis Papaioannou school of ethics” in football academies’ children concerning the nutrition of small athletes.

Since 2003 he is an associate member of the Greek Medical Society of Obesity, since 2006 a regular member of the Panhellenic Association of Dietician- Nutrition Technologists and since 2009 a regular member of the Dieticians and Nutritionists Association of Greece.