What is Celiac Disease?

Celi … .what ?;;;
This is at least the most common first reaction of those who talk about this disease.
Most, like me, have not heard it before in their lives.

So, what is Celiac Disease.

Exact definitions can be found in the mentioned links:

  1. Action for Celiac Disease – in Greek – actionceliac.eu
  2. Myths and Truths – Coeliac Hellas- in Greekcoeliac.gr
  3. Celiac Disease – Wikipedia – el.wikipedia.org

Τι είναι η κοιλιοκάκη;For me, my first contact with this word-disease was when three years ago my little daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
and at the hospital, apart from other things, they also informed us about celiac disease or the possibility of its existence.
The necessary examinations were done and showed (at least then) that the child has no celiac disease.
Among everything I started to read about type 1 diabetes, I started to read about celiac disease too. There I found unexpected answers to questions that tortured me for the last four years (then) at least.

My twin children had very low iron (under 30) and almost zero ferritin for years. The answers, recommendations and treatments that my pediatrician gave me had no effect or meaning, as low values continued.

So after I had read enough and I was convinced that my kids had to be examined for celiac disease, we went to the Children’s Hospital and we did the celiac disease examination.
And yes, they both had celiac disease. We continued with the biopsy showing that their bowels was almost (completely) damaged.
Then, we started for good a gluten-free nutrition.
Of course the initial shock was huge.

Once again, autoimmunity knocked our door. I think that with time and proper information, this shock is tempered and is now becoming a daily and continuous process.

Actually, and in practice of course, a lot of things initially had to be changed, thrown out and modified.

Practices and habits of the past are now challenging for everyone, for example, a meal in a restaurant.

We do not live in the most informed country of the world, of course, but we can try to change it.
And certainly nothing changes overnight.
Mouth to mouth, restaurant to restaurant, day after day something changes and definitely for the best.

Like all, it is a permanent and endless challenge, but in its practical application it can easily be affirmed to improve the quality
of life of all the sufferers.