Diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

We are just diagnosed …

First of all, I believe that diagnosis also means completing gastroscopy-biopsy and blood tests, (this is the usual medical protocol in Europe).
You should talk to your doctor before starting a gluten-free diet, and that’s because, if your examinations cycle is not completed, then your gluten abstinence will likely affect your results.

Well, OK.

We are in the phase of starting a gluten-free nutrition or gluten-free diet.
The first that gives you instructions is always your treating doctor.

I will describe to you what steps I have taken in my own family, since I had the assent and advice of the doctors, of course, but also
other sufferers.

Now we start.

First of all, our cookware/utensils.

Εγώ θα σας περιγράψω ποια βήματα ακολούθησα στην δική μου οικογένεια, εφόσον βέβαια είχα τη σύμφωνη γνώμη και συμβουλή των γιατρών αλλά και άλλων πασχόντων.

Τώρα ξεκινάμε.

Πρώτα από όλα τα μαγειρικά μας σκεύη.

  • We should unfortunately throw the wooden objects we used so far or give them to someone who does not ail. This is because the wood is porous material and certainly has absorbed gluten.
    So, get new wooden ladles, forks and even mortar.
  • Other cookware that could have absorbed and hold small amounts of gluten are some with a non-stick surface that is either worn out or porous. Here I can not help you.
    It depends on the quality and condition of each utensil.
    However, I got rid of them and bought new ones.

As for aluminum utensils or regular pots and enamel baking trays that we may have, a diligent cleaning is enough.


Our electrical appliances.

  • You will have to clean your oven thoroughly.
  • If you have a baker, I recommend that you order a new bin and stirrer (from stores with electrical appliances). It will cost you much cheaper than buying a new one. Oh, and those who do not even have a baker, I recommend you buy one. It will solve your hands and it will be an investment that you will quickly depreciate.
  • The mixer you use, whether hand or multi-mixer, should be cleaned with care. I did not buy a new one. I cleared it, thoroughly.
  • Because I imagine they are not all sick in the family, do not throw away your old toaster or sandwich maker. Keep it for those who are still eating gluten. But buy new ones for those who are abstaining from gluten. Unfortunately, it’s an cost that I do not think you can save. None of the two devices are cleaning well enough to be safe. So better new ones.

The cupboards and kitchen counters.

  • Be sure to establish a part of the kitchen exclusively for your gluten free supplies.
    Even for the toast we have two “camps” in the house, two different cupboards and of course two different toasters.

Food supply.

  • I would recommend that you first try a few foods from each category. That’s because a brand or a product that everyone finds irresistible you may not can even smell it, let alone eat it.
    It is a process that you will suffer at first. The flavors are a little different and perhaps more intense in packaged food.
    So, everyone’s taste is different.
  • Since we have an annual report and a list of foods that are reimbursed by the funds, (at least that was legible until recently in Greece) try to find in your nearby area a pharmacy that can supply you with the necessary ones and, if possible, save you from the pain in the neck of bureaucracy by sending the pharmacy itself the necessary documents for reimbursement.
    In this case, the pharmacy takes over the whole process and the money is credited directly there.
    Otherwise, there are several sites that give invoices for reimbursement from the insurance funds.

Gluten is hidden.

Oh yes. Where you can not imagine.
Toothpaste, shampoos, soaps …. Gluten is finally hidden everywhere.
To be sure, you need to start searching.
But know that everything is marketed with gluten-free labeling.
But it wants patience and money, because, especially cosmetics, it is much more expensive..

Be informed and inform as many as possible around you.

Start from your close family circle and continue at your workplace or at the child’s school.
You will be bored to tell and explain them. It’s not easy. I know it and I’ve been through it.
But it is so useful, lifesaving I could say, that you should not overlook it.
The more they know, the easier it is to protect someone who suffers from celiac disease.
And mainly by gluten-contaminated food.
Long story. We will not analyze it now, but it is number one in the life of a celiac-sufferer.

Cooking at home.

Start experimenting. Even someone who has never cooked again will surely be forced to make a bread roll to smell the house,(for God’s sake!)
Experiment and try to put the whole family in this logic.
It is a creative activity, absolutely useful for everyone.

So welcome to the world of gluten free !!!!
It takes a little effort (till much) but your effort will definitely be rewarded with the first negative antibodies.

Good luck to us!