George. My George…The beast came back.

Ο Γιώργος Ο δικός μου ο Γιώργος Το θεριό ξανάρθε mamameli

George. My George.. The beast came back.

After 5 years it came back.

In the same sneaky, impertinent and silent way. It struck my family again. This time one of the twin brothers of my little, sweet Agape. George.

The beast can not be restrained. It is not predicted nor prevented. It selects with its own terms and rules who and when it will strike and overtake.

And if you don’t perceive it in time, it abolishes you, destroys you, leads you to unprecedented situations. Like those that we -unfortunately – met when it overtook Agape.

But not this time. It didn’t have time. We were all ready. Suspected. True warriors, watchful in battlements. On red alert.
We recognized it immediately. Our weapons were in full position. The first and main battle with the beast took place immediately and had a propitious result.

Your father’s steel armor and mine were the ones that led to the first victory. And now we tame it before you even figure it out. The beast has already became a lamp. It has been transformed into a small elf that will accompany you everywhere.
An elf like the one you read in Agape’s books for diabetes.
But also sneaky. It does not lose his characteristics as a beast. It may have changed character. That’s because nothing is in its hand anymore.
Everything were under yours and your parents’ control.

Watchful and tireless guards we stand next to you as we have been next to your sister in the last five years.
Our weapons are always full. Ready to halt any danger. Our forces are inexhaustible. The war started and unfortunately no one knows whether it will ever end.

But be sure that all the battles will be in your favor.

No battle will no longer be lost.

The knowledge, experiences, strengths and endurance we have gained from the lasting five-year war of the past, have led us to be the masters of this struggle. The tsunami of surprises, queries, ignorance, misery, desperation that hit us five years ago did not come
back. This time the arrival of the beast was like a small rippling on the waterfront, that just wet our feet. It did not overtake us or dare to approach us.

The beast is being tamed.

You alone will learn its tricks and various disguises. You will recognize all its insidious act. And do not be afraid as all the battles will be yours. You and you alone will win.
And in the end you will learn to walk along with the beast. You will make it your companion and your fellow traveler in life. You will have it always and everywhere by your side. Every moment, every hour and every day in your life. And maybe one day …. Maybe you love
it too.
Diabetes is not the risk; Ignorance is. The strength’s powerlessness after the wearing battles you will give each day with it.
Fatigue is the one that overwhelm people to their battle with it.

Type 1 diabetes. Insulin-dependent.

Chronic and incurable disease that saps every human strength. Physical and mental.
But we will never leave you. Your doctors will never leave you.

We all commit ourselves to you. Your energy and strength will be filled again and again. Life will give you generous power and weapons to face every battle.

The angels will all surround you with their care and love. Leading archangels, your doctors, like Mrs. Vazaiou, will seek to solve your every question and to constantly arm you with new techniques and knowledge. Scientists are set in an endless, lasting and difficult struggle to confront and combat both the beast itself and any complications that arise from it.

Because diabetes can – so far – be non-curable, but it is BEATABLE and MANAGEABLE.
And that’s what we all have to understand everyday. Everyone who feels that this beast overtakes them, takes control of their lives, that they can not face it anymore.

The beast is manageable.

We can all tame diabetes without missing absolutely nothing. As long as we learn its features, tricks, habits.

Not to forget it, because when we edge it, it gets angry and festers even more.

Update, update, update.

Education, techniques, new technological achievements, new technology in the field of diabetes.
We are all committed to you and to all children and type 1 diabetic patients that we will not stop fighting for the beast’s handling and confrontation.

But first of all, I and your father commit ourselves.

And we are here next to you, to complete you as a life-fighter. You and all your siblings. Fighters worthy of coping with everything that life will bring you to the forefront. This is our purpose and our devotion to you. An attitude of preparedness and constant struggle in life, which, unfortunately, involves many battles, sorrows and difficulties to

However, remember that, after every storm the rainbow of happiness will be there. It will wait for you as every person in this life.
We, as parents, wish to you and to every child in this world, to be always strong, healthy, and every battle to be victorious.

By the blessing of God to walk every day in your life.



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