Gastronomic Wanderings in Parga

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-5 mamameli

Gastronomic Wanderings in Parga

Gastronomic Wanderings in Parga, Greece, was the title of a two-day, 15-hour seminar organized by Chef’s Club in collaboration with the “Fasma” Lifelong Learning Center, at BIANCO Resort, on the beautiful beach of the city of Parga.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα- mamameli       Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-1 mamameli Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-04 mamameli

The beautiful city of Parga, which even the spring days enchants its guests, hosted this two-day seminar.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-03 mamameli

Lucky and not random those who managed to participate, as the preparation, presentation and consistency of those presented were exemplary.

The excellent presence of Chef’s Club with renowned Chef kept the audience’s interest unchanged until the last day and time.

The Epirus breakfast (within the Greek Βreakfast program), based on the local products of Epirus land, was analyzed and recommended to all participants. A proposal that highlights the excellent raw materials and creations of this region of Greece, which are unique in the world.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-4 mamameli
Epirus Breakfast in Parga

Suggestions for presentation, cooking techniques and dish set-ups in an excellent room-service disc that have nothing to jealous (compared to those of other regions) but instead created with solicitude and love can be a comparative advantage for every business and region of Epirus which will adopt them.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-5 mamameli
Epirus Breakfast room service suggestion

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-9 mamameli

Suggestions for the preparation and presentation of restaurant’s desserts by pastry Chef Mr.Vasilapostolou.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-10 mamameli

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-17 mamameli

Presentation suggestion of vanilla and chocolate cream

Techniques for filleting fish, especially the local Preveza “Petali”, smoked meats preparation recipes by Chef Mr.Vrettos.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-13 mamameli

The “petali” technique of Preveza

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-12 mamameli

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-20 mamameli

Marinating and fish fillet cooking techniques and ways of setting/presenting various dishes by Chef Mr.Toli.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-14 mamameli

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-15 mamameli
Amvrakikos’ sea bass fillet marinated in lemon juice

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-16 mamameli
Amvrakikos’ fillet saute

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-19 mamameli
Epirus trahanas with Amvrakikos’ caviar

The main coordinator is the all-time honorary president of the Chef’s Club, Mr. Tolis Anastasios.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-8 mamameli

The chefs Vrettos Athanasios, Hatzis Michael and Digas Stelios were the key contributors to all the cooking creations and techniques presented.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-6 mamameli

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-2 mamameli
Marinating and smoking different meats and how they are presented by Chef Mr.Digka

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-14 mamameli

The excellent presence of the distinguished guests such as the president of Ioannina’s EFET Mr.Zikou, Patissier Mr. Vasilapostolou Andreas,

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-9 mamameli

but also Barista Mr.Titopoulos Konstantinos and Bartender Mr. Zakopoulos Yiannis, managed to set clear specifications, instructions, techniques and complete presentations..

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-3 mamameli
The art of Art Cafe by Mr. Titopoulos

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-21 mamameli
Coctail Presentation, techniques and recipes !!

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-22 mamameli
The trainer Train the Trainers of the International Bartenders Association during project

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-11 mamameli
Decoration Proposal for a dish by Mrs Triantafyllou Katerina

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα7- mamameli
A fantastic seminar that we attended with my classmate Ms. Triantafyllou Katerina

I also thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to present the basic parameters of Celiac disease to the professionals in the area..

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-06 mamameli

The overwhelming majority of participants did not know anything about the disease and the issues of servicing people with celiac disease.

Their response was really touching as their questions (mostly in the breaks) were multiple and varied.

Γαστρονομικές-Περιπλανήσεις-στην-Πάργα-05 mamameli

I wish I have helped, with my minimal presence, the companies to understand the peculiarities of the preparation and creation of a meal for people with celiac disease.

As a whole, this seminar has been a comprehensive proposal for catering professionals, chefs, caterers (restaurants, bars, cafes) and hotels, as well as all those involved in customer service in a food business. And it was complete in both the theoretical and practical parts.

I personally wish warmly and cordially congratulations to the organizers and participants of this event.

I wish such attempts to push the economy and the quality of tourism in the area of ??Parga (and not only), so that it can be promoted nationwide and worldwide – in addition to the natural beauty of its landscape – and the quality of visitors service and convenience of this area.


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